Building Maintenance Department


Our Building Maintenance Department consists of custodial, maintenance and electrical personnel which maintain approximately 49 structures and 1,500 street lights within the village.  Listed Below      

  • Village Hall
  • Shinnecock Fire House 
  • Hampton Road Fire House
  • Windmill Lane Fire House 
  • Fire Department Antique Barn (2 Buildings)
  • Old Ambulance Barn
  • New Ambulance Barn 
  • Veterans Hall - three floors 
  • Cultural Center 
  • Agawam Restrooms Men's Bldg., Women's Bldg.     
  • Coopers Beach (3 Buildings) 
  • Dune Beach Restrooms
  • Mobile Concert Trailer 
  • Historical Museum
  • Village Yard (11 Buildings)
  • Chamber of Commerce           
  • Silver Smith Shop
  • Downs Family Park
  • Police Station 
  • Superintendent's Office 
  •   25 Jobs Lane                                                                         

Total Structures (51)

  • 12 Village Flag Poles
  • 1500+ Street Lights
  • 1 electric score board
  • 4 lake aeration pumps

Street Light Issues

Any issues pertaining to street lighting of any kind, please contact Building Maintenance at 631-283-2063 with the following information or use the online street lighting form (PDF) or our Village App called SeeClickFix:

Provide the following details:

  • House address nearest to the pole
  • Pole number
  • The street the pole is on
  • Your name and phone number and a brief description of the problem