Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee shall function as advisory to the Village Trustees. The purpose of the committee is to assist the Village in the review of current and potential projects and procedures related to the protection and use of natural environmental resources and general water quality throughout the Village, and to make recommendations to the Village Board regarding such. In January 2021, the Clean Water Task Force replaced the Clean Water Committee, and the Surf Task Force replaced the Surf Committee.

Committee Members:

Trustee Liaison: Joseph McLoughlin

Liaison: Gary Goleski, Superintendent of Public Works

Name:                                     Term:

Robert Coburn , Co-Chair        June 30, 2021 for all

John v.H Halsey

Daniela Kronemeyer

Thomas Louthan, Co-Chair

Holly Peterson

Clean Water Task Force:

Name:                                     Term:

Robert Coburn                        June 30, 2021 for all

Thomas Louthan

Holly Peterson


Surf Task Force:                      

Name:                                     Term

Francis Adamczeski                 Inactive

Steve Delaney

Clarita Fodor

Henry Hildreth

Stephen Mahoney

Vinny McGann

Conrad Miller

Paton Miller

Holly Peterson

Jim Williams

Chief Thomas Cummings

Lt. Chris Wetter


CWC Meeting Minutes

Studies & Reports:

The Lake Agawam 2020 Management Plan, created by the Clean Water Committee (now the Clean Water Task Force), was adopted by the Village Mayor and Trustees on July 21, 2020 as an update to the Lake Agawam 2009 Management Plan. The Summary is a narrative that describes elements of the Plan in greater detail. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation prepared an April 2020 Harmful Algal Bloom Action Plan for Lake Agawam that is complementary to the Lake Agawam 2020 Management Plan: