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To improve the Quality of Life for the Village of Southampton residents, business owners and tourists through the Leadership, Development and Administration of Fire Safety Programs. The Fire Marshal Office enforces the Village Code including State Fire and Property Maintenance Codes through measures and procedures that emphasize compliance and striving to reduce the loss of life and property through Education, Inspections, Investigations, Building Plan Reviews and Enforcement.
On Friday, July 6, 2012 the Fresh Air Home will be hosting their annual fireworks display in Shinnecock Bay at about 9:15 pm.  Some important information regarding this show should be known by all spectators and area residents.
  1. Vehicles are only allowed to park on the North side of Meadow Lane.  Any
    vehicles parked on the south side of the road will be towed at the vehicle owner's expense without warning.
  2. Do not park within 15 ft of either side of a fire hydrant.
  3. Stay in your lane while trying to exit the area.  This is especially important at the conclusion of the show.  Follow all vehicle and traffic laws at all times.
  4. The west bound lane from about 1010 Meadow Lane will be closed from approximately 9:15pm to 9:50pm.  If you need to be on the west side of 1030 Meadow Lane, you should be at your destination prior to 9:15pm or you will not be able to get through until approximately 9:50pm, no exceptions.  These times are estimates and are subjuect to change without warning.
  5. The ocean beach is closed to all vehicles from 650 Meadow Lane all the way to Road D.  This area is fenced off as a result of nesting Plovers.

Should you have any further questions, please call 631-283-0247.


Department of Fire Prevention Forms:
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8/25/2006 Application for Fireworks Display
7/2/2009 Automatic Driveway Gates Form
6/3/2009 Bonfire Permit Application
8/25/2006 Complaint Form
8/25/2006 Fire Alarm and Testing Form
7/2/2009 Fire Alarm Certificate of Completion
7/2/2009 Fire Alarm Installation Form
7/2/2009 Fire Sprinkler Certificate of Completion
7/2/2009 Fire Sprinkler System Installation Requirements
7/2/2009 Fire Suppression Installation Requirements
7/2/2009 Fire Watch Form and Instructions
7/2/2009 Hood and Duct Certificate of Completion
7/2/2009 Hood and Duct Installation Requirements
7/2/2009 Kitchen Fire Suppression System Certificate of Completion
7/2/2009 Knox Box Ordering Instructions
7/2/2009 Miscellaneous Installation Permit Application
7/13/2012 Tent Permit Application

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