Highway Department


  • Brick Work - Maintain sidewalks, alleyways and buildings
  • Concrete Work - Damaged curbs, sidewalks and install and upgrade handicap access ramps
  • Contracted Safety - All paving, drainage, line painting and LIPA line clearance
  • Drainage - Clean out catch basins and pipes to eliminate ponding conditions
  • Garbage - All Village receptacles (except Beaches) including illegal dumping
  • Holiday Preparation - Parades, Fire Department Christmas, Historical Society an Parrish Art Museum
  • Lakes/Ponds - Maintain levels
  • Lane Markings - Painting of all roadway and parking lot lines including fire and bicycle lanes
  • Mowing /Trimming - Village roadways and lots
  • Pothole Repair - Repair roadways and parking lots as necessary
  • Signage - Installation and repair
  • Snow/Ice Removal - 55 miles of roadway
  • Stump Grinding - Removal of stumps, resoil and reseed
  • Sump Maintenance - Maintain for proper function, clear debris and make accessible
  • Sweeping - 55 lane miles and all parking lots
  • Tree Work - Removal of dead diseased trees, pruning of branches and storm damage removal
  • Vehicle/Equipment Maintenance

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